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Enrollment Opens September 2024.

The Exclusive Marketing Course for Conservation Breeders.

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Learn the proven plan to design your website to drive more traffic, attract your ideal puppy buyers, and make them yearn for one of your puppies.

In this course, lifetime breeder & internet marketing expert Matt Stelter will provide his step-by-step guide to building your website into a Best in Show digital marketing machine. Help the finest puppy buyers find you, instead of the backyard, for-profit, or commercial breeders in your area. After all, an optimized website produces far superior puppy inquiries than social media or online puppy marketplaces can ever do.

Better Breeder Website Academy is the only program of its kind that teaches conservation dog breeders how to realize digital success – regardless of their technical or creative ability. Whether you already have a website or still haven’t launched one, this course will show you how to make it perform. Matt Stelter has distilled his career experience into basic concepts and steps that any breeder can understand.

In this class, you will learn how to rank your website at the top of Google, attract your ideal puppy buyers, and educate them on your puppy-buying process before your first conversation. The result will be easier, enjoyable experiences with informed families who will yearn for one of your puppies – and will gladly wait until their perfect puppy is available.

This course was the most important step I took as a conservation dog breeder. 6 months after completing Website Academy, my website is #1 on Google for ‘Standard Poodles in Texas’!”

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Before I Explain This Landmark Program, Let’s Talk About Who It Is Really For…

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This course is designed for our community of conservation dog breeders – purposeful purebred breeders committed to the preservation and advancement of their breed. You are a dedicated breeder who willingly works and sacrifices for your dogs’ benefit. You pour your heart, sweat, tears, and money into your breeding program in an effort to produce the finest dogs possible. Your puppies are impeccably bred and cared for as you search for the next step in your bloodline. Your pet puppies’ quality far exceeds the other puppy options from the backyard, for-profit, and commercial breeders in your area.

Let’s face it: Pet puppy sales represent the greatest – and often the only – opportunity to recover and recoup the large financial investment we put into our breeding programs. These items include dog food, health testing, stud fees, show entries, hotel bills, and gas. Unfortunately, selling puppies can also be an area of frustration, futility, and wasted hours. Too often, we find ourselves competing with the local breeders who offer lower-quality puppies at competitive prices.

As a lifetime breeder, I’m continually frustrated when I see my fellow breeders struggle to compete when selling their puppies. Most conservation dog breeders aren’t naturally great marketers, and they are left at a disadvantage. But, not anymore…

This program is for conservation breeders committed to the preservation & advancement of their breed.

Whether You are a Breeder who…

  • Wishes you had a website that consistently brought more qualified, committed puppy buyers to your door (or inbox).  
  • Would value having a list of approved families who will gladly pass on other local puppies, content to wait for the perfect puppy from you.
  • Feels you need to price match the going rate for pet puppy in your area, even though your puppies are higher quality, better bred, better cared for, better socialized, and more properly health-tested than anything else available.
  • Wishes you could more effectively communicate the differences between your top-quality dogs from those of the backyard, for-profit, and commercial breeders.
  • Feels exhausted from the amount of energy it takes to educate puppy buyers about your dogs and the puppy buying process – often to have them walk away later for a quicker, lower-quality option.
  • Is frustrated by always having your website ranking below other breeders on Google.
  • Or, maybe you feel you have no digital experience and don’t know where to start when creating a website.
  • Maybe, you’ve outsourced your website to a well-known web designer in your breed – but trusted blindly that it was constructed optimally or effectively.
  • Or, perhaps, you are a newer, aspiring breeder who doesn’t know how to compete against established breeders.

If any of those feelings resonate with you, then you are in the right place. Better Breeder Website Academy will give you the knowledge, tools, and confidence to build your kennel website into a Best In Show marketing machine – regardless of your technical or creative experience.

Learn how to Inflation-proof your puppy sales forever.

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Designed a modern website that is attractive, educational, and enjoyable. But, even more important, it will be built to perform.
  • Stopped losing puppy sales to the backyard, for-profit, and commercial breeders in your area.
  • Inflation-proofed your puppy sales program. You’ll never need to worry if you have enough wonderful homes for your pet puppies, even as the demand for puppies dries up.
  • Learned exactly how puppy buyers are searching for breeders online.
  • Gained an understanding of what Google wants in a website – and what it chooses to ignore.
  • Created content that answers the questions that puppy buyers have before they ask you – which saves you time and develops trust in the process.
  • Set yourself up for an easier, more enjoyable puppy sales process.
  • Gained a significant advantage over your competitor breeders who have moved their digital presence to social media (i.e. Facebook or Instagram) and abandoned their websites to collect cobwebs – a big mistake so many breeders have made.
  • Set your website up to drive significantly more puppy inquiries, which in turn results in your ability to charge what your puppies are worth. This alone can transform the economics of your breeding program forever.
  • Developed a website your ideal puppy buyers will love – and so will Google. 

After all…

“If you aren’t on Google, you don’t exist.”

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Jimmy Wales


Meet Your Instructor:

Matt Stelter is an accomplished breeder, handler, writer, speaker & AKC judge.

Matt Stelter is a 30+ year breeder, handler, and owner of multiple National Specialty, Best in Show, and #1-ranked Collies. While managing an active family, he and his wife, Anita, maintain a small breeding program and exhibit at Midwest Collie specialties. 

Matt and Anita Stelter Family

The Stelters are active Collie and Sheltie specialty judges. Matt was chosen to judge Best of Breed/Intersex competition at the 2019 Collie Club of America National Specialty — the youngest judge in the 135-year history of the organization.

Matt spoke at the 2023 AKC Breeder Symposiums and other canine seminars, webinars, and podcasts. He is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA), and he has been published in The Canine Chronicle, Showsight Magazine, The Dog Journal, ProPlan advertorials, Collie Club of America Bulletin, and other national breed club publications.

However, accolades aside, Matt is a lifelong purebred conservation dog breeder whose passion is to breed a better, more beautiful dog. And, he works daily to serve his community of purebred conservation dog breeders.

Matt Stelter is a career internet marketing expert.

Professionally, Matt has spent most of his 25-year career in internet marketing, strengthening national brands you’ve likely shopped before – Drs. Foster & Smith, Montgomery Ward, Country Door & The Swiss Colony, to name just a few. Homepage

#1 Collie Breeder Website in the World

However, his greatest digital passion has been using his marketing and business experience to execute those same strategies and optimizations on his own website, With limited technical resources and no advertising budget, Matt built the website into the #1 Collie breeder website in the world. The site has received over one-quarter million visitors and large volumes of quality puppy inquiries have poured into his Inbox for years. Due to the tremendous puppy demand generated by the website, Wyndlair Collies commands up to three times the going price for their puppies.

Are you interested in learning the Story Behind Website Academy and how this transformational marketing course came to be? Click below to learn more.

Matt Anita Stelter - AKC Dog Judges

This course distills Matt Stelter’s 20+ years of internet marketing experience into a basic recipe for your website success.

You are invited to join Matt Stelter in Better Breeder Website Academy. He will share his knowledge to help fellow conservation breeders win on Google & with their ideal puppy buyers.

Enrollment Opens in September 2024!

Matt stands out as one of the most innovative, open-minded, collaborative partners I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is a highly strategic digital marketer with an ability to see the future and bring it to life.

Ali Freezman

Senior Manager, Google

Matt is a digital marketing ninja with a broad range of skills from SEO to content strategy and is a pleasure to work with!

Vivien Eliasoph Wistia

Vivien Judson

Video Product Designer, Wistia

Matt is a digital and website pro. His passion for great outcomes — and purebred dogs — is infectious. Anyone who has a chance to get to work with Matt should jump at the chance!

Jason Pratt Koddi

Jason Pratt

General Manager, Koddi

Matt is an excellent digital marketer who is creative, highly experienced and very passionate about his work! I’d highly recommend him as a digital marketing leader!

Laura Kane Whirlpool

Laura Kane

SEO Manager, Whirlpool

Balancing SEO technical skills and content strategy is not easy, but Matt understands it is necessary and executes it well. Matt keeps the audience first and focuses on their intent – that’s easy to forget in our industry.

Sergey Stefoglo BrainLabs

Sergey Stefoglo

Vice President of Operations, BrainLabs

I worked with Matt across a wide variety of online websites and digital content projects and have always been impressed by his expertise, wealth of knowledge & ability to create long-term value online. He’s a fantastic coach that can take real-world challenges and implement online strategies that win.

Nick Marvik,

Nick Marvik

Senior Manager of Digital Marketing,;
Founder, Northwest Tech

What’s Inside Better Breeder Website Academy?

This class is a 5-module, 6-week digital course that will walk you through the necessary steps to realize internet success.

It contains the critical pieces required for a website to perform. It is presented in a way that is easy to understand and execute, regardless of your technical or creative ability. Matt shares the easy-to-follow recipe so you, too, can experience digital wins.

This is the same framework that his website was built upon and developed into the #1 Collie breeder website in the world.

Module 1

The Marketing Basics for Website Success

Learn the Foundational Marketing Concepts Integral to the Course

Beginning September 23rd: In the first module, Matt will explain the critical core concepts that the entire course will be built upon. He will share a lay-of-the-land overview and show you the path to creating your own successful website.

He will lead you in defining your website’s purpose. You will learn who your website’s target audience is – and who it is not (most breeders make this mistake when creating their websites). You will begin to view your website from your target audience’s perspective. Matt will cover Search Engine Basics and he will roll back the cover to share with you how Google works and what Google is looking for from your website.

Matt will explain how a properly designed website will save you time and effort with every puppy inquiry, applicant, and buyer.

Finally, you will be introduced to the 3-part framework to follow as you build or optimize your website for success.


  • Learn who your target audience is. You can’t tell a compelling story if you don’t know who you are telling the story to. You will place yourself in your audience’s shoes to help tell a better story they can’t wait to hear.
  • Understand Search Engine Basics. You will learn the anatomy of a search engine results page and how Google works.
  • Learn what Google is truly looking for in a website so you don’t need to be chasing its constantly-changing algorithm – a trap even experienced SEOs fall into. 
  • Learn the Better Breeder’s Pyramid for Website Success, which will provide the framework for your entire project.
  • Realize the significant time & effort savings a properly designed website gives you. Start working with more informed puppy inquiries, applicants, and buyers. 

Module 2


How to Create & Structure an Attractive Website so Visitors can Find what They are Looking For – Easily & Efficiently

Beginning September 30th: Web design has changed dramatically over the years. From desktop screens to mobile devices, from gaudy-colored backgrounds with music to today’s minimalist modern themes. While web design has advanced greatly, most breeder website designers continue to create sites that look like the late-2000s. In this module, you will learn what not to make your site look like and jump forward 15 years.

You will be shown the important pages and page elements, and their purpose. Also, the optimal balance of text and imagery – and just how powerful the proper images are of your dogs and puppies. Matt will show you how to design a website that is helpful to visitors and enjoyable to scroll through. After all, current Google algorithm updates are heavily focused on user experience, or “UX,” as it is called in the SEO industry. We will get you ahead of those updates.

But, there is so much more to a successful website than just visual design. How you organize your content is crucial if your website is to have the desired effect on visitors. Also, the content structure is important if Google is going to understand what your website is about and rank it properly.

In this module, you will be given the optimal structure for a dog breeder website. Matt will discuss the critical categories and pages your site must include to perform well. 


  • Understand how the theme (or template) influences the design and functionality of your site. Ensure your site has an optimal site template to perform as desired.
  • Learn what modern web design looks like across different screen sizes & devices. Understand what the purpose of a website theme is – and what it is not.
  • Learn how to design your pages and content for a great user experience. Avoid creating a site where visitors must search for the information they are after. Instead, make their experience intuitive and enjoyable. 
  • Optimal Site Structure. Learn the critical pages and categories your website must contain to be successful with Google and your site visitors.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Learn what type of photography a website needs to tell your story. 

Module 3


Learn What Google Wants in a Website and How to Deliver It

Beginning October 7th: In this module, you will learn what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and how to find search engine success without being an expert. Matt has spent much of his career performing SEO for dozens of websites, from local retailers to national brands – including websites you’ve likely shopped at. SEO is not often discussed in everyday life, but it is a major digital industry that almost every brand, online retailer, and organization obsesses over and spends fortunes trying to improve. In this module, Matt shares his real-world experience to break down the most critical parts and give you the necessary roadmap to success.

Most importantly, you will be spared from the code-speak and technical jargon that sounds like Greek to most people. This course makes “tech talk” sound like “dog talk.”

You will learn how to give Google what it is really looking for in a dog breeder’s website. Matt will teach you how to do simple keyword research to gain deep insight into what your prospective puppy buyers are typing into Google to find you. That knowledge will begin to show the path to optimizing your website content.


  • Acquire SEO knowledge typically only possessed by expert digital marketers. This knowledge has never been shared with dog breeders before.
  • Learn how to perform basic keyword research to literally get into the minds of your ideal puppy buyers and understand what questions they are asking Google.
  • Once we know your breed’s target keywords, Matt will show you exactly how to use them as you craft your content and web pages.
  • Understand what page elements send the most powerful signals to Google. Some SEO tactics are much more important than others. You will learn which ones matter most.

This is digital marketing “know-how” never before shared with breeders.

Module 4


What Your Website Must Contain to Educate Prospective Puppy Buyers and Make Them Yearn for Your Puppies

Beginning October 14th: In this section, Matt explains the critical information a successful dog breeder website needs to have and where it should sit on the site. You will revisit the necessary pages and categories to ensure the right content is on them. Plus, you will intergrate your new SEO knowledge to optimize them so they rank high on Google.

Finally, you will learn how to tell your story to differentiate yourself from other dog breeders. Help your target audience understand how special your dogs are without coming across as obnoxious or braggadocious (and, we know that the meek breeders among us worry about this.) Matt shares writing secrets to make puppy buyers want one of your incredible puppies and they will no longer be interested in lesser options.


  • Writing Tools & Support. No writing abilities? No problem. Matt shares his favorite writing resources (including generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools) that can help anyone develop effective website copy. And we mean anyone.
  • Optimize your Homepage. Make sure site visitors realize instantly they are in the right place and are given a clear path to what they want next.
  • Create a Rockstar Puppy Page – The single greatest asset of your website if it is built correctly. No other page will work harder for you, save you more hours of communication, and endear you to your ideal puppy customers. This page is a literal game-changer.
  • Understand the value of a “For Sale” page and what to put on it – even when you have nothing currently available for sale. Intrigued? You should be.
  • Finally, how to craft your personal story. This is where you are able to clearly and definitively differentiate yourself from other puppy competition — even if you don’t feel you have the history or qualifications. We promise that you have something special to offer that nobody else does, and we will find it.
  • Plus, you get an extra Implementation Week to complete your work before moving on to the final Module.

Module 5


Putting Your Website into Action to Realize Digital Success

Beginning October 28th: At this point, you’ve built your high-performance race car. Now it is time to put it on the race track. In this module, Matt will share the final but critical steps to launching your new site and realizing digital success. 

For many years, the famous “Field of Dreams” quote was true:

“If you build it, they will come.”

But that is no longer true for websites. Google has raised the bar and there are some final steps before you will earn Google’s respect and it begins sending you high-value traffic. These steps will also provide long-term stability for your search rankings. “Owned” digital real estate is what you are building, not short-term social media “likes” & emojis.


  • Integrate Google’s Tools. There are important software integrations to ensure your website is performing as desired. You will be shown how to set up a couple of Google’s own free tools to monitor performance.
  • Link Building & Establishing Authority. Make sure Google gets the critical third-party signals that your site is legit and knows you are a breed authority. While most agree that link-building is the hardest part of SEO, Matt shares some insider industry tactics to get the important links your site needs to perform.
  • Website Diagnostics. You will learn a couple of easy tests to ensure your site is performing up to snuff. And, if not, what are the next steps.
  • SEO Content Marketing Secrets. Matt will provide some simple tactics to future-proof your search rankings and keep site visitors (and Google) coming back to your site regularly. 

When you enroll in this course, you’ll get:

Better Breeder Website Academy

(A $2,500 Value)

  • 5 Website Success Modules. Expert industry information never before shared with dog breeders.
  • Better Breeder’s Pyramid for Website Success – The complete framework to build your own kennel website into a successful marketing machine.
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions to easily complete each class section.
  • Course worksheets to create and organize your website information – OR, to give to your webmaster if you don’t want to update the website yourself. It will make their job a snap.
  • Optional referral information for quality, affordable support for any technical or creative project you don’t want to do yourself.
  • A Rockstar Puppy Page that will earn traffic, educate visitors, endear yourself to ideal puppy buyers — and push away the “tire-kickers” and casual puppy shoppers that waste your valuable time and energy.  
  • A breeder website that instantly differentiates you from the backyard, for-profit, and commercial breeders in your area — and prevents you from ever being compared to them on price again.

You’ll be given access to one module per week (plus an extra implementation week for Module 4: Content) –  so you’ll have ample time to dive into the lessons and execute that portion of the project plan before moving on to the next one. We do this to protect your time, attention, and focus while sparing you from the overwhelm that can stop busy breeders from finishing their kennel websites.

Breeder Testimonial:

I didn’t know anything about web design when I signed up for the course, and now have a world-class website that is bringing the kind of puppy buyers I used to only dream of. The crafted webpages educate prospective buyers, giving them the information they need to make an informed decision about a puppy.
I love that I can now spend my time with my dogs and puppies, instead of writing a dozen emails to every person that asks me a question.

Headshot for Wendy Ward

Plus, get these special Bonuses to ensure your success in this course.

Bonus #1

Masterclass: Starting A Website From Scratch

($300 Value)

No website? No problem. Matt Stelter will walk you through the steps and provide easy creation options so you can hit the ground running.

What You’ll Get:

  • A focused video masterclass explaining the steps for starting up a website to make sure you have one that can support your kennel demands and perform on Google.
  • Provide a step-by-step process to review each decision and provide the information for you to make the best ones for you — and make sure nothing is missed.
  • Immediate delivery upon registering. This will give you the time to get your site ready to begin Better Breeder Website Academy when it starts.

This masterclass will give you the confidence to jump into Better Breeder Website Academy, knowing you are ready to start building.

Bonus #2

6 Weeks of Live Q&A Sessions with Matt Stelter

($500 Value)

Get unstuck in a matter of minutes and maintain your momentum right through until your website is ready to launch.

What You’ll Get:

  • 6 weeks of live Q&A sessions on Wednesdays to make sure you can get your questions answered and move forward with total clarity and confidence.
  • Direct access to Matt Stelter to get his personal insight on your specific challenges or ideas. This type of expertise and personal support has never been offered to dog breeders before. Many past students say this was the most valuable part of the entire class.
  • An active and supportive Facebook Group with fellow students to overcome any challenges quickly.
  • A place to constantly refill your motivation tank by connecting with other breeders who are also working to improve their kennel website and working through the same steps you are. They are here to collaborate with and help you cross that finish line with them.
  • After 6 weeks inside the Website Academy Facebook Group, you’ll be invited into the Website Academy’s Private Facebook Group for Alumni only. Your fellow breeder support group will continue and grow over time.

Bonus #3

Personal Website Analysis

($800 Value)

As a special incentive, if you stay up-to-speed in the class, Matt Stelter will personally review your website at the end of the course 

What You’ll Get:

  • Thorough expert analysis of your website. It will assess your site based on the Better Breeder Website Academy principles, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), User Experience (UX), page design, structure, site speed & mobile-friendliness. 
  • A personal video audit from Matt Stelter walking through the main points and his observations.
  • SEO Organic Research Report [PDF] showing your site’s top keywords, pages, competitors, and more. 
  • Expert recommendations for even further enhancements and performance. This will get you on the path toward the next chapter in your website’s advancement. 

Fast Action Bonus

Breed-Specific Keyword Research

($400 Value)

Register during the live webinar, and Matt Stelter will personally research and provide you with premium search engine research for your breed and geographic location,

What You’ll Get:

  • Find out exactly what search words your prospective puppy buyers are typing into Google when they are looking for their dream puppy in your breed.  
  • Premium Keywords from a premier enterprise-level tool. Not all keyword research platforms are the same. Get your keywords from the same database that more Fortune 500 companies and national brands do than anything else. Access to these tools costs tens of thousands of dollars annually. You get these keywords at no additional cost.
  • This insider information will help you tweak your website to make it the best result for puppy buyers’ breeder searches on Google.

Added up, this course has a total value of $4,500.

However, we are offering this SEO & Digital Marketing insider expertise to conservation dog breeders for:

3 Monthly Payments



Affordable Monthly Payments

Best Value

One Time Payment


Save $114

PLEASE NOTE: Terms and Conditions apply. If you enroll in Better Breeder Website Academy, you will be ineligible to exhibit under Matt & Anita Stelter for one year after the class ends (Collies & Shetland Sheepdogs only).

Plus, You’ll Be Backed by a Risk-Free 10-day Guarantee. 

Better Breeder Website Academy is the first and only curriculum of its kind, offering a step-by-step framework for dog breeders to turn their kennel website into a Best in Show marketing machine. The course offers a plan to make your website attract higher numbers of the best prospective puppy buyers, so you never need to spend another cent on advertising.

When you join this course, you will join a special group of motivated and supportive conservation breeders who are also looking to gain this knowledge and will be working alongside you on this journey. 

Now, by the end of the first 10 days of the class, you will have received access to the first two modules, as well as the Registration Bonus Masterclass, “What If I Don’t Have A Website?” That means you’ll have been able to access this internet industry information and will have a new-found knowledge of how websites win on Google and in the hearts of visitors before making a final commitment to the course.

At that point, if you don’t feel totally committed and motivated to turn your website into an ideal puppy buyer magnet, simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment. There is no risk. Full details here  >>

Common questions breeders may ask before grabbing their access:

I don’t have the technical skills to create my own website. Are you sure I can fully apply the information shared in this course?

Yes. Website creation and management is no longer the scary, code-based practice that it was years ago. Modern website interfaces have user-friendly text fields and drag & drop functionality. Most breeders are easily able to publish content and make changes to their sites. 

Further, if you choose to work with your own personal webmaster, we’ll provide the worksheets and checklists so you can simply give them your finished work to publish. If you don’t have your own webmaster, we’ll provide resources to help you find affordable website help online. Updating and maintaining a website has never been easier – regardless of your technical ability.

I’m concerned about spending more money on my expensive dog hobby. How can I be sure this money is well-spent?

We love cost-conscious breeders and work to serve them. We know the struggle to balance dog breeding expenses with family, kids & tuition costs. Our goal is to educate prudent breeders on all the ways to make their breeding programs and canine endeavors more budget-friendly.

A high-performing website is the cornerstone of a marketing strategy intended to offset our expensive passion. The knowledge shared in this course is designed to greatly increase relevant site traffic, provide better family prospects to select from, and create stronger puppy demand that gives you the ability to charge higher prices for your valuable puppies. This course’s price is a very small investment into realizing the benefits from years of website performance and a larger, stronger puppy waiting list.

I don’t feel confident in my writing skills. I’m not sure I will be able to do an adequate job in writing copy for my website.

No worries. The most important thing is you have the knowledge of what makes your breeding program unique and special. Writing skills vary, and there are programs, tools, and powerful resources available to help you. We will share our favorites, as well as provide you with access to affordable writing support if you decide you want some professional assistance with your website copy. Your perceived writing ability should never be what keeps you from having a well-written website.

My current advertising and promotion efforts already sell all the puppies I have available. Why do I need to optimize my website if Facebook, AKC Marketplace, and other puppy marketplaces are working for me today?

It is important to recognize social media and marketplace channels offer temporary “complementary” space that usually transitions into “rented” space, rather than “owned” digital real estate. All begin as free channels to attract audiences and advertisers, but most will inevitably convert into paid channels run by sophisticated algorithms designed to power their economic models. If you stop paying, your traffic will be shut off like a switch. Our goal is for conservation dog breeders to never need to spend money advertising their puppies again.

Additionally, Facebook policies change continually, and many types of content are restricted or filtered out. As Facebook becomes increasingly anti-breeder and anti-animal husbandry, it will be risky to depend on Facebook to promote your puppies in the future.

Unless breeding dogs is a short-term endeavor for you (which is highly unlikely if you are considering this course), it is in your best interest to support your lifetime passion by investing in an owned platform that appreciates in value and performance over time.

My website isn’t on the Ultimate Breeder Website platform. Will I still be able to achieve success in the course without it?

Absolutely. In fact, the concepts taught in this class are even more crucial if your website is not on the Ultimate Breeder Website platform. While the Ultimate theme is designed to facilitate and automate several technical SEO optimizations, its primary purpose is to function with world-class performance and speed, ease updates & maintenance requirements, provide secure cloud-based hosting, and future-proof your site against future Google updates.

However, it does not structure and craft your website content and then search engine optimize it to rank well on Google. That is the framework and strategy you will learn in Website Academy. 

During the pandemic, I received more puppy inquiries than I needed. Why do I need to worry about my website providing even more?

It is true the COVID pandemic and “safer-at-home” orders caused a spike in puppy demand. People refocused on their home life, rather than spending on expensive vacations, kids’ sports, or other costly activities. However, all economists said it was a predictable and short-term effect. What goes up must come down, and the pendulum has swung the other way as we are now facing a long-term recovery process with hyperinflation that impact everyone’s pocketbook. Most breeders are now seeing their puppy demand wane as the cost of living soars.

Smart breeders will take this opportunity to optimize their websites. They will then be the ones positioned to survive any time the puppy market wanes.

I don’t have a website yet. Am I ready to enroll in Better Breeder Website Academy?

The answer is “yes” for two notable reasons. #1) With your first bonus delivered immediately upon registering, you will be given specific instructions on how to set up your website. #2) Even if you don’t have a website, 100% of the work can be done within the provided resources and saved until you are ready to start your website.

Further, if you choose to work with a web developer, you will have the goods to present to them on a silver platter. Their job will never be easier.

Rest assured, wherever you are on the path to a completed website, we are here to walk with you — side by side.

I have been breeding for many years and I never need to worry about finding puppy homes. Why should I spend time optimizing my website?

For these experienced breeders with an excess of puppy inquiries, this is an opportunity to apply basic marketing and economic theory to balance the strong demand for their limited supply of top-quality puppies. After all, in any other industry, it is the top experts who have dedicated themselves to their craft who justifiably command the highest prices – and deservedly so – doctors, lawyers, coaches, motivational speakers, financial advisers, etc. There is no reason it should be any different in purebred dogs. Why shouldn’t the best breeders also be able to realize the benefits of their experience, knowledge, and labor?

While conservation breeders don’t breed dogs for the goal of making money, there is nothing wrong or unethical with the best breeders earning good money from the sale of well-bred puppies.

In fact, it is only equitable.

Conservation dog breeders can now achieve financial solvency with their life passion instead of it being a hobby that drains their personal finances.

Imagine for a moment what higher puppy prices might provide for your breeding or showing activities. Perhaps you could justify doing that frozen semen litter you’ve been dreaming about. Perhaps you could hire a professional handler to campaign the promising special you have high hopes for. Or, perhaps it could provide additional revenue to afford some kennel or grooming help – allowing you more time to enjoy your dogs.

The opportunities and possibilities for a better life and a more successful breeding program are endless. And it all starts with an optimized breeder website.

Still thinking about it?

You should give Better Breeder Website Basics a 10-day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following statements:

  • You’ve made the comment, “I need to update my website.”
  • You’ve wished that great homes would find you, instead of needing to advertise to find them.
  • You’ve ever decided NOT to do a litter because you weren’t sure you’d have good homes for all the puppies.
  • You dread the amount of time it takes to screen and educate new puppy buyers about your dogs, breeding program, and sales process.
  • You wished your purebred dog passion didn’t cost so much, or there was a way to recoup more of your hard-earned money from the beautiful, well-bred puppies you produce. 

As a conservation dog breeder, you have worked hard for your dogs’ success and your breed’s advancement. If anyone deserves the benefit of an optimized kennel website, it is you. 

But, these benefits won’t be realized if the website development and optimizations aren’t done properly. Simply hiring a breeder website designer won’t let you achieve digital success. Our step-by-step framework is still required to ensure the SEO, Design, and Content are created properly in a symbiotic manner. We hope you let Website Academy guide you on this path he knows so well. 

This is the best price Website Academy will ever be offered at.

This type of clear implementation program could sell for more than 5X the investment. When you consider it integrates the knowledge, theory, and strategy applied by national brands and Fortune 500 companies on their own websites, it truly is revolutionary for this information to be openly shared with dog breeders. And – not just any dog breeders – but the esteemed preservation breeders of purebred and purposefully-bred dogs. This training will give you the tools to out-market, out-communicate, and out-compete the backyard, for-profit, and commercial breeders in your area. This is the knowledge you deserve to have — and now can. 

This training will give you the tools to out-compete backyard, for-profit, and commercial breeders.

Conservation dog breeders are a remarkable community. After all, who else has their combination of work ethic, grit, perseverance, and resiliency? 

The answer: Nobody. 

You have what it takes to learn something new, gain knowledge, and apply it. Matt Stelter will personally guide you on this journey and provide direction and support through unfamiliar areas. We know you can do it. After all, you have whelped litters all night, tube-fed struggling puppies, and watched your hopes and dreams evaporate before your eyes. However, you are also the one who has picked yourself back up and persevered onward. And why? It is for your dogs’ benefit. It’s time that true breeders are given the support and knowledge they deserve.

A Final, Personal Message from Matt Stelter…

Matt Stelter on Bridge

“If any of these motivating factors have you nodding your head, I ask you to consider beginning Better Breeder Website Academy today with a 10-day risk-free experience.

No matter what you decide, I care about your breeding program and success. I know the struggles and worries we all have as dedicated breeders striving for excellence in our chosen breed. However, I also know the relief and financial freedom that comes from being able to sell our pet puppies to tremendous homes and families for double, triple, or even quadruple the going pet price in your breed. Because of that, we’ve personally been able to afford to do a frozen semen breeding and surgical implant, which ultimately saved our bloodline and catapulted our program back to our desired level of quality and breed type. As a single-income family, it wouldn’t have happened without the tremendous pet puppy sales funnel that our optimized website provides. This program can have that kind of impact on your breeding program – and I want to see you realize it for yourself.” 

“The success of your breeding program matters to me.  I cannot wait to guide you through the Better Breeder Website Academy.”

I hope you give me the opportunity to share the strategies I’ve applied to countless top-performing websites. Each of them became authoritative websites that Google rewarded, and they became high-traffic sales generators. More than anything, I want to teach you how to transform your website into a cornerstone of your breeding program. I want you to experience how it feels to have high-quality families lined up for your pet puppies. People who will pay premium prices and will willingly wait until you have their puppy available for them – and will gladly pass on the lesser, local puppies that seem to always be available.

If you are a dedicated conservation breeder, you owe it to yourself to take this venture to see what your life with an SEO-optimized website can look like. I want you to experience firsthand what having informed, committed inquiries from tremendous homes provides – and to take real, tangible steps towards realizing that digital success.

“If you’re seeking permission to invest in the growth of your breeding program and realize your vision of its future – give it to yourself.”

If you accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that the next six weeks will mark the start of a new chapter for your breeding program.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside the Better Breeder Website Academy. 

Take care,

Matt Stelter Signature - Black
Wyndlair Stelter Family

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