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The Better Breeder Institute’s Mission:

Educate. Support. Promote.

At the Better Breeder Institute, we serve the conservationist dog breeding community — purposeful purebred dog breeders who are committed to the preservation & advancement of their breed. 

We provide information, instruction, and specialized services for breeders to improve the communication, promotion, and business processes of their breeding programs. Through the development of digital resources, we share expertise in a manner that breeders can learn, apply, and benefit from. This knowledge enables them to differentiate their breeding programs from the backyard, for-profit, and commercial breeders. We enable them to earn a higher level of respect and esteem from puppy buyers & the general public and to develop a deeper sense of pride in their canine endeavors. 

At the Better Breeder Institute, we strive for excellence. We wish to model integrity and strong ethics in every initiative, and we call on conservationist breeders to do the same. The character and behavior we exhibit must be at the same high level as the quality of dogs we breed. Our community has the greatest opportunity in the history of our sport to differentiate ourselves from the backyard, for-profit and commercial breeders with the honesty, ethics, and integrity we practice.

Better Breeder Institute’s purpose is being the foundational organization championing conservationist dog breeders and giving them the knowledge & tools to suceed.

Golden Retriever standing by fence

The Better Breeder Promise

We endeavor to educate, support, and promote purebred, conservation dog breeders who are committed to the preservation & advancement of their breed.

Wire Fox Terrier