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Jumpstart Website Package

Fast-track your Ultimate website launch!

Let us set up & launch your Ultimate Website! Avoid the frustration that the “one-time” steps can cause, and have us handle the technical setup, theme design, DNS configuration & Google integrations.

If you are looking to become proficient with WordPress and update your own content, but are NOT interested in doing the technical stuff, we HIGHLY recommend the Jumpstart Package.

What’s Included:

Jumpstart Website Package

Having watched many breeders build and launch their own websites, there are several steps that can cause confusion and stall progress, regardless of platform. Let’s face it, unless you launch new websites regularly, there are several “one-time” items that may seem tricky or are overlooked. We have rolled up all of those into our Jumpstart Package, so you don’t need to worry about them. All you need to do is upload your content, and we’ll handle the rest!

*This package is an Add-on Service to our Ultimate DIY Website Builder – a world-class WordPress platform built specifically for breeders — by breeders.

Jumpstart Package Includes:

  • Pre-Launch Setup. Site Name, Kennel Name, Breed, Registry, Logo, Header, Footer & Contact Information.
  • Theme Styling. We set font style and color palette for every site element.
  • Content Framework. We build your initial Dog Page Template and Category Structure, so adding each future dog is seamless. We also build your Puppies, About Us & For Sale content page templates.
  • Social Media Links. We link your website to any social media channels your kennel has.
  • DNS Updates. Unless you work with domain name servers regularly, getting your new website URL configured can be tricky. Our experts will ensure this is done properly.
  • Google Tool Integrations. This includes Google Analytics 4 & Google Search Console. These are critical for ensuring that Google recognizes your website and allows you to measure performance. 
  • Launch! We publish your Ultimate Breeder Website to the world.

NOTE: The Jumpstart Package is NOT a turnkey website design project. It is strictly a technical setup, initial style, and launch package. Please review the Terms of Service. With this package, it is necessary for you to upload, place, and organize your content. If you are looking for content upload support, revisions, or a personal web designer to support your project, it will be necessary to do a Turnkey Website Design engagement.

Imagine how fun building your dream website can be when you don’t need to worry about the “technical stuff!”

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What to Expect:

Post-Purchase Process

Once you purchase the Jumpstart Website Package, here is what to expect:

  1. Complete the Questionnaire. Immediately following purchase, you will receive our Jumpstart Package Questionnaire. Use this online form to enter your kennel information and select your font style and color palette from our easy ala carte menu, OR specify your personal brand kennel colors. Then, Submit.
  2. Information Review. Our Website Design Team will review your answers within 1-2 business days and follow up for any clarification.
  3. Purchase Ultimate Website. Once the project details are confirmed, and your project is scheduled, you will be directed to purchase your Ultimate Website subscription and provide our team with the staging site credentials.
  4. We Get To Work! We will open the hood on your new Ferrari and get to work setting it up just the way you want it! We will give your site the same care and attention to detail as our full custom website design projects. (Estimated completion time: 4-5 business days.)
  5. Upload Your Dogs & Content. Now, here’s your part. Upload your dog information, photography, and page content (Puppies, About Us, etc.). If you aren’t experienced in WordPress, we have a full suite of support documentation and training materials to ensure your success.
  6. Launch! When you are finished uploading your content, we will take back the reins to launch your new Ultimate Website to the world. This includes DNS configuration, plus Google Analytics 4 & Google Search Console integrations.
  7. Project Complete. At this point, your website is live. However, you keep the keys to the Ferrari and have full control over any future additions. Or, you can engage our team to make future updates, revisions, or enhancements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the Website Jumpstart Package?

When you purchase the Ultimate Website Jumpstart Package, our expert website design team handles all of the technical and “one-time” setups that are a part of every website launch. That includes pre-launch setup, theme styling, building content frameworks, configuring the domain name server (DNS), as well as the Google & social media integrations. All that is left for you is to upload your content (dogs, images & information) before we launch your new website.

I’ve never built a website before. What skills do I need to build my ULtimate Breeder website?

With any website builder platform (whether WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace), a small learning curve is to be expected. Even with the Jumpstart Package, it will be necessary to achieve proficiency with the WordPress Block Editor to complete your site. There are many free online videos to learn Block Editor basics, and we have extensive customer support guides to teach you the more advanced or custom Dirigible blocks that exist on the Ultimate Breeder Website. Anyone can learn to use our WordPress Editor with a little practice.

What happens if I start loading my content and decide it isn’t for me?

While Jumpstart Package is designed to take most of the technical setup work off your shoulders, if you decide you want help with content uploading, our expert website design team will be happy to step in to get your website launch across the finish line with a web design project. Learn more.

NOTE: Due to company principles’ status as AKC-licensed Conformation judges, owners of Collies (Rough & Smooth) or Shetland Sheepdogs who purchase Ultimate Jumpstart Package will be ineligible to exhibit to Matthew Stelter (AKC# 81382) or Anita Stelter (AKC# 81538) for a period of one year following completion of the project.

All the tools you need to build a professional online presence for your kennel.

Your ULTIMATE Breeder Website TEMPLATE includes:

Easy to Use Website

Easy, Intuitive Interface

Managing your website should be easy, and we’ve worked hard to make it that way. Creating & managing a website has never been easier. No tech skills required!

Responsive, MoBile-Friendly Design

Your website must look great no matter where you view it, whether that’s on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Dog Breeder Design

When you work in the Ultimate interface, you will instantly know experienced dog breeders designed it!

Dirigible BBI

Next-Gen WordPress Platform

WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world. The Ultimate Breeder theme is built on DIRIGIBLE, the most advanced WordPress design ever!

Cloud Hosting

Otherwise not affordable for dog breeders, the Ultimate theme sits on the same secure, dedicated cloud hosting platform as many of the world’s largest websites.

World-Class Page SPeeds

Nobody wants a slow website, but with today’s web, a slow website hurts your Google rankings and annoys users.

SEO-Optimized Website

This includes semantic, fast markup & SEO-optimized page structures that help your site outrank competitive breeders on Google.

Automatic Updates & Optimizations

The internet and digital technologies are constantly changing. Let us keep ahead of advancements so you don’t have to!

Dog Breeder Tools

We will continue to develop proprietary, breeder-savvy plugins to increase your website’s productivity and capabilities.

Your Kennel Deserves a “Best of Breed” Website.

The Better Breeder Institute offers the first world-class website builder created specifically for dog breeders – by dog breeders. What’s more, our platform includes lifetime updates, continuous optimization, and enterprise cloud hosting – all in one package.

This is the opportunity to professionally showcase your breeding program online. Highlight each dog in your program with a rockstar webpage listing sire, dam, AKC#, pedigree, health testing, photo gallery, and much more!

To its core, the Ultimate Website platform is SEO-optimized to rank highly in Google, driving you more site visitors. The website platform is responsive and mobile-friendly, guaranteeing a great user experience, regardless if it is viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

And, as a responsible breeder, you need to attract the right kind of buyers for your puppies. With our Dirigible page builder utilizing the WordPress Block Editor, you can create professional web pages in minutes without any coding experience. These tools will help you better tell your story to differentiate you from other breeders online. 

Building a website yourself from scratch is typically difficult and time-consuming. The learning curve is steep. Hiring a web developer who knows what they are doing is expensive and takes time. Plus, most web developers don’t understand the critical SEO concepts required to rank high on Google!

That’s why Better Breeder’s Ultimate Website Builder is the best solution for busy dog breeders like you. You don’t need to know anything about web design or coding to use the Ultimate Website Builder. It’s the better, more powerful way to build a website for your kennel. 

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If you have questions, please reach out to us.

We’ll be happy to discuss the Website of Your Dreams!

The Better Breeder Promise

We endeavor to educate, support, and promote conservation dog breeders who are committed to the preservation & advancement of their breed.  

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