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Join your fellow purebred, conservationist dog breeders in learning the 5 Best Digital Strategies to safeguard your puppy sales without spending a cent on advertising ever again.

If you are like most dog breeders, you enjoyed an influx in puppy inquiries over the past couple of years as the Covid pandemic kept families at home. People refocused on their home life, rather than spending on expensive vacations, kids’ sports, or other costly activities. 

However, you are likely now seeing the economic pendulum swing in the other direction as inflation skyrockets, economic conditions deteriorate, and the demand for puppies wanes. Life has returned to (a new) normal as an extended recession looms, and most families that wanted a new puppy already have one.

As demand for puppies dries up, we at the Better Breeder Institute want to make sure that our community of purebred conservationist breeders have the knowledge to continue successfully placing their pet puppies in terrific homes that ARE still looking for a quality puppy.

Pet puppy sales are crucial to sustaining most preservationist & purposeful breeding programs. That revenue helps offset our incredibly expensive passion – be it dog food, vet bills, health testing, stud fees, ultrasounds, c-sections, you name it. Advertising pet puppies should never have to be added to that list in order to find quality homes for your pet puppies.

Consumer behavior has changed dramatically over the past decade, and the pandemic only accelerated those changes. To successfully sell puppies in the future will require new strategies. Offline efforts will no longer work. Digital strategies are now necessary. 

However, the best strategies don’t need to involve advertising and ad cost. In fact, the best digital strategies don’t require paying to get in front of buyers, but invite them to come to you.

In this FREE Live Masterclass for conservationist breeders, I will share…

  • The 5 best digital strategies you need to be aware of to start getting more quality puppy inquiries – as other breeders get less & less. 
  • Pros & Cons for each strategy. It isn’t one-size-fits-all. It is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each as you select which ones to use.
  • At the end, I will open up the class for a Live Q&A to answer YOUR questions.