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Better Breeder Code of Ethics

The Better Breeder Institute’s Code of Ethics is written keeping the best interests of our dogs at heart, as well as the families we entrust our puppies to. Conscientious breeders should exceed the minimum requirements and expectations, setting a standard for others to follow. The goal always being to produce quality dogs that closely conform to their breed standard, of sound temperament, are vigorous, and free of health problems. To that end, I hereby pledge and certify:

  1. To support the preservation and advancement of my breed.
  2. To plan each breeding with the primary intention to improve my bloodline within the foundation of correct breed type and original breed purpose.
  3. In every breeding, to analyze the pedigree and conformation of both the sire and dam, with consideration of the breed standard and the principles of genetics.
  4. To only incorporate dogs free of serious or disqualifying defects. Further, to refrain from using any dog that is found to consistently produce afflicted puppies.
  5. To perform all health screens on my breeding stock as recommended by my national breed club.
  6. To maintain high standards of health, maintenance, and care for my dogs. Facilities are to be kept clean and orderly. 
  7. Not to sell any puppy until it is at least eight (8) weeks of age.
  8. To be judicious in the sales of my puppies and concerned about the type of buyers they are placed with. I will not sell puppies into homes where I question the care, treatment, or safety of the puppy, or to dog wholesalers, retailers, pet shops, or at auction. I will require buyers of pet-quality puppies to spay/neuter them at a safe & appropriate age.
  9. That all my puppies are seen by a licensed veterinarian and given a full veterinary exam before going to a new home. Any health issues or concerns are to be fully communicated and detailed to the buyer.
  10. With the sale of every puppy, I will provide the buyer with a properly-executed sales contract, health guarantee, registration papers, and diet, vaccination, and parasite control records at the time of purchase.
  11. That my advertising, marketing, and communication will be factual and honest, both in substance and implication.
  12. To be available to my puppy buyers for whatever reasonable advice and assistance they may need through the lifetime of the dog.
  13. To request that my puppy buyers advise me if they are ever unable to keep their dog so that I can either take the dog back or help assist in placing the dog in a new home.
  14. To conduct myself equitably, ethically & professionally toward everyone, whether partners, clients, or competitors.

The Better Breeder Institute’s Code of Ethics is intended as a standard of etiquette and behavior for responsible dog breeders. It is not to be construed as a rule or regulation to be enforced by punishment. Breeders are expected to police themselves in a civil and responsible manner.