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Helping Better Breeders Win!

We believe that conservationist dog breeders deserve to succeed – those breeders committed to excellence, ethics, and the preservation & advancement of their breed. We provide better breeders with the tools they need to make that happen.

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Join the Better Breeder Institute!

Our Best of Breed services support conservationist dog breeders who are committed to high ethical standards, responsible breeding practices, and the preservation & advancement of their breed.

Everything you need to build, advance & promote your breeding program.

With our content, tools, courses & specialized services, you can learn how to become a better breeder.

Breeder Website Services

Creating and maintaining a website doesn’t have to be difficult. Now, every conservationist dog breeder can have a world-class website.

Breeder Directory Listing

Apply for your FREE listing in the Better Breeder Directory, joining the finest purebred, conservationist dog breeders in the United States and Canada. Only AKC-recognized breeds are accepted.

Stud Dog Register

The only Online Stud Dog Register for AKC-titled stud dogs. Peruse the top sires in your breed. List your champion stud dog today!

Better Breeder Insights Group

Our private breeder Facebook Group where breeders can share and discuss important dog breeding topics with other conservationist breeders – from aspiring to experienced breeders.

Expert Interviews [VIDEOS]

We share video interviews with master breeders and thought leaders in the conservationist breeder community.

Breeder Education

Continuing education is essential to a successful breeding program. Learn how to improve your breeding program’s communication, promotion, and business processes in the digital world.

Digital Marketing Internship

[POSITION FILLED]: We are offering a unique opportunity to the right college student to learn digital marketing skills NOT taught in school!

At the Better Breeder Institute, we serve the conservationist dog breeding community — purebred, purposeful breeders committed to the preservation & advancement of their breed. 

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The Better Breeder Promise

We endeavor to educate, support, and promote purebred, conservationist dog breeders who are committed to the preservation & advancement of their breed.

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