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Warrior’s Whippets

Whippet, California

Warrior’s Whippets was created in the fall of 2019 after an unintended litter threw us into the world of preserving the breed. We have been a part of the Whippet breed since 2014 with our Cinna (Shojin’s Wings on Cinnafire) from Shojin Whippets in Michigan. From those lines, we have been working on participating in conformation, lure coursing, racing, barn hunt, beach days, and many other fun venues! We believe in the temperaments and future health of the breed and are committed to OFA testing as well as Embark DNA testing. Our dogs live as household members, and enjoy spending time in the office, running with our kids, having fun runs with our fellow sighthound friends, and typical couch potatoes and bed bugs. 😉 They really do make amazing bed dogs and travel companions! If you would like to inquire about an upcoming litter or explore more about the breed, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We believe those who enter our lives as our puppy owners become part of our family, and we strongly encourage the fostering of life-long relationships. We are here to support and encourage you in your journey with your Whippet! Sincerely, Marcie & Matthew Brunner Breeders/Owners


  • American Whippet Club
  • Southern California Whippet Association
  • California Coursing Association
  • Apple Valley Kennel Club


  • Breed Preservation
  • Breed Advancement
  • Competition
  • Performance


  • Conformation
  • Agility
  • Obedience
  • Rally
  • Lure Coursing
  • Racing
  • Barn Hunt