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Pug, New York

We are a small private family Homestead / Farmstead group of well-learned Pug Health Care Advocates, with (4) Human generations of experience working together as Hobby Pure Breed Pug Breeders, Pug Therapy Dog Trainers, Pug Caretakers & Pug Rescue….., We also have a sincere dedication, towards the preservation of the Ancient Chinese Pure Breed Heritage of the Original Pug Breed….., This we have proven by the use of our unique “Breeding Method” which produces superior quality Pugs of exemplary health, which in turn induces a more durable Pug Breed….., We are located in North Central New York State in our private family Homestead / Farmstead…..,      All of our Quality Purebred Pugs are whelped, raised, and cared for 24/7 in the appropriately constructed & well-sheltered family room atmosphere within of our private family Homestead during inclement weather & night time, & on the very safeguarded grounds of our family Farmstead during the days that fair weather provides….., Our Pugs are amongst us 24/7 in a “Pug Rich Family Atmosphere”, combined with certain Human areas when appropriate & segregated from certain Human areas when appropriate, in a well kept clean & healthy beneficial environment, not a kennel! Our Pugs mental & physical welfare is enriched by having the benefit of having constant socialism amongst the Pug medically trained human adults, and also amongst the human children of our private family, once the pups are old enough. We are not a kennel, we are a Farmstead / Homestead, and all of our Pugs dwell within a properly designated area within our Home.      Our goal is to excel into recognition as a Quality Pure Breed Pug Breeder, Caretaker, Therapy Dog Trainer, and Original Pure Breed Pug Heritage Preservationist, by making our best efforts in the overall preservation and ongoing enhancement of the Pug Breed Standard….., This we do, in order to provide a superior quality, healthier and more durable Pug Breed, for the fulfillment of adopting them as Companions to “Pug Loving Families,” in order to induce the joyful atmosphere and loving companionship that every Pug inevitably brings to any responsible and deserving home.         We have been very passionately dedicated studying, breeding, and maintaining the ongoing preservation of the Ancient Chinese Pure Breed Pug Heritage, since the year “2000”.     We practice due diligence by providing our Pugs at all times with the proper food and shelter, companionship, socialism, exercise, and most of all; above and beyond routine and emergency Pug Canine Veterinary Medical & General Pug Health Care as is more than adequately required.     We endeavor to persevere in promoting the Pure Breed Pug Breed in all aspects of what we do. Part of this our responsibility, is accomplished by the selective adoption of our Pugs as lifelong family companions, only into worthy, responsibly, and financially prepared Pug Loving Homes that are apparently able to properly provide for the shelter, Veterinarian assisted physical and mental health care, socialism, exercise, and overall proper general provisions of a “Warm Pug Rich Family Environment”   WALK THE LINE   Whomever Said….. “You Can’t Buy Happiness”, Never Owned A Pug” Dragonmaster


  • Breed Preservation
  • Breed Advancement


  • Conformation
  • Obedience
  • Therapy
  • Health Care
  • Nutrition

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