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Spun Gold Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever, Georgia

Serious, Committed, Responsible Breeders… Spun Gold Golden Retrievers is a small, but serious breeder located in the scenic Chattanooga, Tennessee/Northern Georgia area. We started breeding Golden Retrievers because, simply put, we love this breed! The stellar “golden” temperament that is the hallmark of this breed is what really hooked us. Originally, our program included only American Golden Retrievers. We added the English Créme Golden Retrievers to our program in 2014. In 2016, we decided to focus our breeding efforts solely on the English Goldens. In that vein, our Golden Retrievers are bred for temperament, health, intelligence and conformation. Not only that, our breeding program focuses on producing quality Golden Retrievers that can be used for everything that Goldens were originally bred to do — whether that be hunting, showing, breeding, therapy work or simply (and most importantly) acting as a cherished family companion. Top Genetics & Health Clearances Although we started out with our beloved American Golden Retrievers, we altered our program to focus exclusively on the English Créme Goldens. There is absolutely nothing better than a Golden Retriever – unless it’s an English Créme Golden Retriever! These European imports take the Golden Retriever goodness to the next level: even more remarkable and easygoing temperament, lower energy level, superior health, exceedingly biddable, and heightened intelligence. Our main objective is to breed quality Goldens to the breed standard – focusing on temperament and health first and foremost – at an affordable cost. We have our dogs tested for hip & elbow dysplasia, ichthyosis (ICT), heart & eye issues (including PRA1, PRA2, prcd-PRA), DM and NCL — which are the typical health concerns in the Golden Retriever breed. Also, we are not a typical “kennel”. All of our dogs are our pets, and they live in the house with us. And, that’s exactly where the puppies are born, raised and trained. We’d Love To Hear From You! I’m quite thrilled that God chose to bless us by bringing these wonderful dogs into our lives! We breed sparingly, however, and only have about 2-3 litters per year. Also, we do not ship. Occasionally, we can arrange to meet you or deliver a puppy to you – depending on where you are located – at an additional cost. When you purchase a puppy or dog from SGGR, you also get access to us – our considerable knowledge & experience – for the life of your dog. We are your breeder, and want you to contact us with any questions or concerns whenever you need us. Just consider us your personal “Dog Squad”, so to speak! If you are interested in purchasing a Spun Gold puppy, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


  • Obedience Club of Chattanooga


  • Breed Preservation
  • Competition
  • Performance


  • Conformation
  • Obedience
  • Therapy

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