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Redleaf Coonhounds

Redbone Coonhound, Washington

Welcome to RedLeaf Coonhounds! We are a Redbone Coonhound preservation breeder located in Alberta, Canada. We strive to produce Redbone Coonhounds that are beautiful, sound in mind and body, healthy and versatile – able to shine in the field, on the family couch or in the show ring. ​Our Coonhounds are our pets first and competition dogs second. They live in our home as much-loved members of our family. Health, temperament and conformation are always our top priorities. We health test all of our dogs considered for breeding and carefully plan potential litters by taking every aspect of the dog into consideration. Our goal is to make every generation better than the one before. Our puppies are raised in our home with the Puppy Culture protocols to ensure they have the very best start in life and the easiest transition possible when is time for them to go to their homes with their new families. We have Redbone Coonhound puppies available on occasion to good homes. If you are looking for a quality, well-bred Redbone Coonhound with the correct temperament and instincts, a guarantee of health and one that comes with support throughout the dog’s lifetime you’ve found the right place. All of our puppies are placed on a contract that protects the breeder and buyer and most importantly, the puppy.



  • Breed Preservation
  • Breed Advancement
  • Competition
  • Performance


  • Conformation
  • Agility
  • Obedience