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Kara Christo Collies

Collie, Ohio

We are a small, hobby kennel located in NE Ohio.  The goals of our breeding program have never changed in the 40 years we have been active in our breed.  We strive to produce a dog that adheres to the AKC standard for the collie, that is sound in body and temperament and exemplifies good health.  With the advent of DNA testing, meeting the goal of healthy puppies has become a little easier and all of our dogs are DNA tested and bred to dogs with good health clearances.  We have been privileged to be “owned” by some amazing dogs through the years with multiple champions titled.  Many of the dogs we have bred and sold have excelled in the performance venues.  I am proud to be a former First Vice President of the Collie Club of America and also a member of the Collie Health Foundation.  For over 20 years I have served The Cleveland Collie Club as either an officer, member of the board of directors or  show chairperson.  We occasionally have puppies or adults available to new, suitable homes.  If you are interested in acquiring one of our collies, please be prepared to fill out an application and provide references, including veterinary references.  We do follow up.  That being said, we will be happy to return the favor and provide references if requested.  Also, I like to tell our puppy families, that I hope you like me, because you get me for the life of your dog.  I am always available for help or advice.  We also love occasional updates including pictures!


  • Collie Club of America
  • Cleveland Collie Club
  • Collie Health Foundation


  • Breed Preservation
  • Breed Advancement
  • Competition


  • Conformation