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Highgarden Borzoi

Borzoi, Ohio

Highgarden Borzoi is a small hobby kennel located in Lancaster Ohio, just southeast of Columbus. We actively participate in conformation and lure coursing, and dabble in straight racing, obedience and open field coursing. Our goal is to have dogs that are competitive in the show ring while retaining the magnificent athleticism inherent in the breed. In order to do that, we try to compete with our dogs in the field, looking for physical ability and heart. We also want healthy, loving pets. All breeding prospects are health tested, in order to give us a more complete picture of the health of our dogs. We follow the recommended tests identified by the Borzoi Club of America and the OFA, which include eyes, hearts, thyroid, and the genetic test for Degenerative Myelopathy. Our dogs live in the house with us and are our companions.


  • Borzoi Club of America
  • Midwest Borzoi Club


  • Breed Preservation
  • Performance


  • Conformation
  • Field Trials