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Endellion Brittanys

Brittany, Illinois

Endellion Brittanys is a new program focused on bettering the breed of Brittanys. We believe in the dual concept and a versatile dog. We want a dog who can do it all; hunt, show, perform in obedience, be a pet, and so much more. We fell into the breed by chance. Once we had one of our own, we were hooked, there was no turning back. We saw the potential one dog could have and decided to turn it into so much more. Each and every one of my dogs live in my home with me. They are a part of the family. Whether that be going to daycare, being a demo dog for training, traveling, and so much more. Our goal as a breeder is to continue to improve the breed we have now. We not only want a dog that can fit the breed standard, we want a dog that can hunt, compete in various sports, and most of all, be a family companion.


  • American Brittany Club
  • LaSalle Brittany Club


  • Breed Preservation


  • Conformation
  • Field Trials
  • Rally
  • Hunt Tests
Puppies Available