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Black Moon Rottweilers

Rottweiler, New York

  BLACK MOON ROTTWEILERS started in 1986 with the purchase of my first ROTTWEILER . I remember the initial hunt for “my first rottie”… Kennel after kennel, puppies in my lap, and $$ in my pocket…but nothing was hitting home! Then it happened, I pulled into their driveway, and she came running out !  It was love at first sight. She -BETTY- the mom- was pregnant, to whom she was bred, I had NO idea, but she was wonderful! I was then subjected to agonizing wait, not only for the arrival of the “kids”, but for the 8 weeks till they were ready to leave. Finally, she was here! My foundation female – RICKI: out of CH.Bob’s Bear”, and a Norwegian import,”Betty”. From there, the love affair continued, and as the saying goes, it is all history… Love of the breed, commitment to a good code of ethics, ridiculous idealism, and a strong competitive nature, has made BLACK MOON ROTTWEILERS what it is today… “My hobby, and my passion – personal, non-commercial, hands-on, family oriented, personal companions.” Virginia Finis p.s.   There is from time to time, the occasion of being fortunate enough to have people take an interest in you, and give you a helping hand in the way of guidance/mentoring to say, and for that, I would like to thank  the many people who have helped in teaching me “dogs”   It is due to this mentoring, that MANY of my breeding decisions, and directions, have been influenced. Thanks!… Some of the ones who come to mind are Mark Schwartz, Betty and George Chamberlain, Jerry Blanding -with his unique and awesome knowledge of pedigrees, Haidar and Erika Beqaj -an insatiable fountain of  knowledge in rotties, the many puppy buyers, who have always believed in my dogs, and in me…    AND most importantly- for the grace and love of GOD in my everyday life, where my ethics begin! I believe that as “ROTTWEILERS breeders” ,we have a responsibility to the better of the breed,  starting by ***adhering to the breed standards.*** We have an awesome power to affect, and effect the people’s lives we touch, with the dogs we produce. Virginia Finis


  • Breed Preservation
  • Breed Advancement
  • Competition
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