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Crowned Ibizan Hounds

Ibizan Hound, Rhode Island

A well bred dog should be one that possesses good health, sound temperament, correct structure, and prey drive. I aim to breed Ibizans that can succeed as show dogs, hunting/coursing dogs, sport dogs, and, above all, as loving family companions! My dogs are first and foremost my pets. Although showing, trialing, and winning shiny rosettes is fun, it is all incomparable to the love and happiness they fill my life with. Their companionship is what I love and value most. Crowned Ibizans is home to top winning and history making Ibizan Hounds.  I focus on producing stellar wire coated Ibizans with good health, sound minds, and correct to standard structure.


  • Ibizan Hound Club of the United States


  • Breed Preservation
  • Competition
  • Performance


  • Conformation
  • Field Trials