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The Digital Course every Conservation Dog Breeder must take.

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2024 Spring Enrollment Opening Soon

This course provides dog breeders with the business basics to streamline, strengthen & safeguard their breeding programs.

In this course, business expert & lifetime breeder Matt Stelter shares efficient communication channels, processes, recordkeeping tools, legal principles, and contracts and provides the frameworks and resources to enable breeders to run their breeding programs using proven business best practices. This class breaks down these mountains into molehills by educating breeders on what has taken others a lifetime to learn.

Better Breeder Business Basics is the only program of its kind that teaches conservation dog breeders how to take their business processes from random & haphazard to performing as a well-oiled machine – regardless of whether they only have one litter per year or run a full-time breeding program.

Matt Stelter has worked with seasoned professionals (lawyers, CPAs, AKC experts, and business-savvy breeders) and distilled this know-how into basic concepts that any breeder can understand and apply — and in so doing, gain back hundreds of hours in your life so you can spend more time WITH your dogs instead of ON your dogs!

3 Monthly Payments



Affordable Monthly Payments!

Best Value!

One Time Payment


Save $74!

PLEASE NOTE: Terms and Conditions apply. If you enroll in Better Breeder Business Basics, you will be ineligible to exhibit under Matt & Anita Stelter for a period of one year (Collies & Shetland Sheepdogs only).

Before I Explain This Landmark Program,
Let’s Talk About Who This Is Really For…

Headshot for Matt Stelter

Irish Setter Silhouetted

This course is designed for our community of conservation dog breeders – purposeful purebred breeders committed to the preservation and advancement of your breed. You are a dedicated breeder who willingly works and sacrifices for your dogs’ benefit. You pour your heart, sweat, tears, and money into your breeding program in efforts to produce the finest dogs possible. Your puppies are impeccably bred and cared for as you search for the next step in your bloodline. 

Let’s face it: Unlike most backyard, for-profit, and commercial breeders who get into dog breeding for the purpose of selling puppies, conservation breeders typically begin with a personal love for their breed. As their passion and involvement grow, they usually migrate from fan to owner to fancier to exhibitor. Dog breeding is just the next – and really ultimate step – in this love affair as they take part in creating the next generation. And, in the process, become personally involved in the preservation and advancement of the breed.

As part of the purebred conservation breeder community, I’m continually frustrated when I see my fellow breeders struggle to run their breeding programs efficiently. Many good dog breeders aren’t naturally great businessmen & women, and they are left at a disadvantage. But, not anymore…

You don’t want to breed another litter until you’ve taken this course!

Whether You are a Breeder who…

  • Operates a full-scale purebred conservation breeding program.  
  • OR, only have a few dogs and a single litter per year.
  • Feels exhausted from the time and energy it takes to educate puppy buyers about your dogs and the puppy buying process – often to have them walk away later for a quicker, lower-quality option.
  • Have ever had a puppy buyer flake on you at the last second (Ugh!).
  • Feels stress about your kennel recordkeeping processes.
  • Doesn’t have a good understanding of AKC inspections or the potential penalties for infractions.
  • Has anxiety about what an IRS tax audit would mean for your breeding program and personal finances.
  • Wonders if your current contracts (purchase, lease, stud service, co-ownship, etc.) really protect you from common issues.
  • Or, perhaps, you are a new, aspiring breeder who doesn’t yet know what you don’t know.

If any of those feelings resonate with you, then you are in the right place. I’m going to tell you exactly how Better Breeder Business Basics will give you the knowledge, tools, and confidence to streamline, strengthen, and safeguard your breeding program – regardless of how long (or short) you have been breeding.

Learn how to safeguard your breeding program!

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Selected an optimal communication channel for your program — one that is effective and efficient, and made for easy recordkeeping.
  • Implemented communication tools to ease your burden and earn you hours back in your day.
  • Implemented a tried & true reservation process to take the worry off your mind.
  • You will learn how to provide world-class breeder support – easily & efficiently. Providing great support for your puppy owners is crucial, but it doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming.
  • Ensure your processes are complete and compliant. This will safeguard both your breeding program & yourselfpersonally, legally, and financially — and you will be all set if you become subject to an AKC inspection or IRS audit.
  • Gain strong understanding of how business law applies to your program, and what elements your contracts must contain to protect your best interests.
  • You will learn about breeder ethics & etiquette, and how they can help differentiate yourself from backyard, for-profit, and commercial breeders — and prevent ever being compared to them on price again! And, most importantly, how the future of purebred dogs depends on it!

So, who is Matt Stelter?

Matt Stelter is an accomplished breeder, handler, speaker & AKC judge.

Matt Stelter is a 30+ year breeder, owner, and handler of multiple National Specialty, Best in Show, and #1-ranked Collies. While managing an active family, he and his wife, Anita Stelter, maintain a small breeding program and exhibit at Midwest Collie Specialties. 

Matt and Anita Stelter Family

The Stelters are active Collie and Sheltie specialty judges. Matt was chosen to judge Best of Breed/Intersex competition at the 2019 Collie Club of America National Specialty — the youngest judge in the 135-year history of the organization.

Matt was an expert breeder panelist at the 2023 AKC Breeder Symposiums and other canine seminars, webinars & podcasts. He is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA), and his writing has been published in The Canine Chronicle, Showsight Magazine, The Dog Journal, ProPlan, Collie Club of America Bulletin, and other national breed club publications.

However, accolades aside, Matt is a lifelong purebred conservation dog breeder whose life passion is to breed a better, more beautiful dog. And, he works daily to serve his community of purebred conservation dog breeders.

Matt stands out as one of the most innovative, open-minded, collaborative partners I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is a highly strategic digital marketer with an ability to see the future and bring it to life.

Ali Freezman

Senior Manager, Google

Matt is a digital marketing ninja with a broad range of skills from SEO to content strategy and is a pleasure to work with!

Vivien Eliasoph Wistia

Vivien Judson

Video Product Designer, Wistia

Matt is a digital and website pro. His passion for great outcomes — and purebred dogs — is infectious. Anyone who has a chance to get to work with Matt should jump at the chance!

Jason Pratt Koddi

Jason Pratt

General Manager, Koddi

Matt is an excellent digital marketer who is creative, highly experienced and very passionate about his work! I’d highly recommend him as a digital marketing leader!

Laura Kane Whirlpool

Laura Kane

SEO Manager, Whirlpool

Balancing SEO technical skills and content strategy is not easy, but Matt understands it is necessary and executes it well. Matt keeps the audience first and focuses on their intent – that’s easy to forget in our industry.

Sergey Stefoglo BrainLabs

Sergey Stefoglo

Vice President of Operations, BrainLabs

I worked with Matt across a wide variety of online websites and digital content projects and have always been impressed by his expertise, wealth of knowledge & ability to create long-term value online. He’s a fantastic coach that can take real-world challenges and implement online strategies that win.

Nick Marvik,

Nick Marvik

Senior Manager of Digital Marketing,;
Founder, Northwest Tech

Matt Stelter is a career business & marketing expert.

Professionally, Matt is a 20+ year business and marketing veteran, strengthening national brands you’ve likely shopped before – Drs. Foster & Smith, Montgomery Ward, Country Door & The Swiss Colony, to name just a few.

Matt Anita Stelter - AKC Dog Judges

This course distills down Matt Stelter’s 20+ years of business experience into a basic recipe for YOUR success.

“I invite you to join me in the Business Basics. I will pour out my knowledge to help my fellow conservation breeders streamline, strengthen & safeguard their breeding programs.”

Enroll in Better Breeder Business Basics Today

Enrollment Closes April 19, 2024!

3 Monthly Payments



Affordable Monthly Payments!

Best Value!

One Time Payment


Save $74!

PLEASE NOTE: Terms and Conditions apply. If you enroll in Better Breeder Business Basics, you will be ineligible to exhibit under Matt & Anita Stelter for a period of one year (Collies & Shetland Sheepdogs only).

What’s Inside Better Breeder Business Basics?

This class is a 6-module digital course that will walk you through the necessary steps to button-up your breeding program.

It contains the critical pieces required to streamline, strengthen & safeguard your breeding program. In the process, it will relieve stress and anxiety and give you back hours in your life — enabling you to spend more time WITH your dogs instead of ON your dogs!

Module 1

Communications Channels

Communication can take many forms. Different generations and personality types will gravitate toward different communication channels. However, when trying to run an efficient breeding program, some channels lend themselves to optimal operations much more than others.


  • Learn the various communication channels breeders can use. We will cover the common channels, address the pros & cons of each, and provide specific recommendations.
  • Select the optimal communication channel for your program. Not all channels are created equal, and it is important to safeguard your breeding program by selecting the optimal channel.
  • Use basic software to streamline your communication. Work smarter, not harder, to gain time savings and efficiencies.
  • Use form letters to gain back hours in your day. You should only write the same letter once. Learn how to implement form letters and start writing each message for the last time!
  • Realize the significant time & effort savings a properly designed website gives you. Start working with more informed puppy inquiries, applicants, and buyers. 

Module 2

Reservation Process

Reservation Process Pyramid

Implement the Better Breeder Reservation Process to Streamline Puppy Sales

No single topic causes breeders more frustration than their sales process. Go read the comments in Facebook groups about all the problems breeders have with dealing with puppy buyers. So many of these headaches and frustrations can be prevented with a solid reservation process.

This module provides the Reservation framework for the process that will improve your life. You will learn exactly how to handle the entire sales process in an efficient, organized, and strategic manner.


  • Learn the 3-part Pyramid Framework. Every bulletproof reservation process will have these three critical elements: Application, Deposit & List.
  • Understand what questions a great Application contains. We go beyond the boilerplate language most application templates contain to get the information that really matters.
  • Learn the value of a Puppy Deposit. We will break down the wives’ tails & misconceptions and show you how to use deposits to attract better, more committed buyers. 
  • Manage your Reservation List. Structured and managed properly, your list will become a cornerstone of your program and a resource you will utilize often.
  • Breeder Pro Tips! We share many tried & true practices to refine your process and bring ease and structure to what used to be a frustrating and exhausting part of a breeder’s life.

Module 3

Breeder Support

Provide world-class Breeder Support without costing you hours in your week!

Breeder support starts the day your puppies go to their new homes and continues throughout their entire lives. And, you want to be your buyers’ first resource for any questions or concerns about their puppy.

However, time is money, and if your breeder support is done inefficiently, it can steal precious time from other areas of your breeding program. In this section, we will cover the various elements of breeder support you can provide easily and consistently, and help make your puppy buyers more informed and confident with their new family addition.


  • Develop Rockstar Puppy Packets. This is where breeder support begins. Beyond the basics, you have the opportunity to proactively provide information and resources that the buyers will lean on in the first few days and into the future.
  • Post-Purchase Support. Your work doesn’t stop after the last puppy leaves. Ensuring your puppies are successfully settling into their new homes is important. We show you how without requiring hours of time.
  • Private Facebook Groups. Many expert breeders leverage these social media groups to facilitate their support and communication. However, there are also pitfalls and pro tips to know!
  • Website Resources. Learn how to develop this section of your website. Create & publish that information ONCE online rather than answering the same questions over & over. One of a good website’s greatest attributes is its ability to educate your puppy buyers efficiently.

This is business “know-how” never before shared with breeders!

Module 4

Accounting, Taxes, & Recordkeeping

Learn what you NEED to know to keep your breeding program financially afloat — and the IRS and AKC off your back.

This is likely most purebred conservation breeders’ LEAST favorite part of dog breeding. However, neglect these areas at your own peril.

Breeding dogs is an expensive passion and entails a lot of money flow – sometimes in, but most certainly out! How you manage it all will dictate how much the IRS may care about your breeding program. Plus, the AKC has very stringent requirements for recordkeeping that must be adhered to.

In this section, you will learn how to safeguard your breeding program from the various financial and recordkeeping pitfalls that can jeopardize not only your breeding program but also you personally.


  • Integrate the right Accounting tools & software. Put away the pen and paper, there are now so many digital tools to help you keep track of your dollars. We point you in the right direction.
  • Learn about Payment Forms. Understand this expanding area of payment options and the associated implications.
  • Create an Emergency Fund. Don’t let unforeseen dog expenses jeopardize your breeding program or your personal finances! Learn about the importance of a “slush fund” and how to create one painlessly.
  • Dog Breeding & Tax Implications. Are you operating your kennel as a business or hobby? Regardless of your answer, you must understand what the IRS and your state would consider it to be.
  • Kennel Records. Important for many reasons, the AKC has specific requirements for the records you must keep, when, and for how long.
  • AKC Inspections. Not to be feared by conservation dog breeders. Learn the AKC’s three (3) objectives with these visits in order to ace your inspection!

Module 5

Business Law

Understand How Business Law Affects Dog Breeding

It is critically important for conservation dog breeders to obtain a basic understanding of business law to avoid exhausting and costly headaches. This module provides the basics to enable you to safeguard your purebred breeding program.


  • Learn what the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) is and how it affects you. Be aware of the risk if someone challenges your breeding program according to these legal standards.
  • Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL). Typically enacted at a local level, these laws may ban a breed or specific conformation traits or require adherence to regulations like licensing, muzzling, or insurance.
  • Local Law Considerations. It is important to be aware of the local regulations and laws and how they may affect you. Laws can be enacted with good intentions but can negatively affect ethical conservation breeders.
  • Understanding Risk & Liability. There is risk in every activity and business. Determine what level you are comfortable with or if you need to take additional precautions.
  • Contracts. Critical to safeguarding your breeding program, we distill down a massive amount of information into what you need to know and apply. This includes Deposits, Sales, Co-ownerships, Stud Contracts, and more.
  • Contract Terms & Provisions. Language matters. We provide the words and terms to include in your contracts to protect your program.

Module 6

Breeder Ethics & Etiquette

Perhaps the Most Critical Element to the Future Purebred Dogs

In this module, we will challenge you to think differently about how we act, treat, and work with our puppy buyers, fellow breeders, and new fanciers coming into our breeds. But, even larger than that, what this topic is really about is the future of our sport and the preservation of our breeds. 

We are living in a time where purebred conservation breeders are under increasing attack from the animal rights and adopt-don’t-shop proponents. We must continue raising a high bar for responsible breeding practices and model the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

This topic represents the greatest opportunity we have to differentiate ourselves from the backyard, for-profit, and commercial breeders with the honesty, ethics, and integrity we practice.


  • Puppy Buyer Etiquette. It is important how you onboard your new puppy buyers and treat them like new members to your breed’s family. And, when difficult situations arise, how you handle them is how you differentiate yourself as a better breeder.
  • Breeder Relationships. Conservation breeders must come together as partners and collaborators instead of competitors and rivals. It will take all of us pulling in the same direction to ensure their preservation and advancement. Our breeds’ futures depend on it.
  • Challenges to Breeder Relationship. Bad memories and experiences keep many breeders guarded and closed off from others. Transforming into a growth mindset is necessary if our breeding programs are to reach their potential.
  • New Fanciers. Never has purebred dogs had fewer aspiring breeders coming into our sport. It is all of our responsibility to support and nurture those who will have to one day fill our shoes.

When you enroll in this special, limited-time period, you’ll get:

Better Breeder Business Basics

(A $1,000 Value)

  • 6 Business Basics Modules. Expert industry information that has never before been compiled like this specifically for dog breeders.
  • Better Breeder’s Reservation Framework – The complete blueprint to build your puppy buyer onboard process.
  • Business Knowledge never before presented to dog breeders.
  • Pro Tips to streamline every process of your business program.
  • Peace of Mind that you have addressed all the major areas of risk and liability.
  • A Growth Mindset for the future of your breeding program and your breed.

You’ll be given access to the entire course on Day 1. Complete the course on your own schedule and implement the steps quickly, or one at a time.

PLUS, get these Bonuses to help you generate unstoppable momentum (and keep it) until your breeding program is operating as a finely tuned machine!

Bonus #1

Better Breeder Reservation Kit

($150 Value)

You don’t have to start from scratch taking our advice to implement your Reservation Process. We literally give you the tools to implement it immediately!

What You’ll Get:

  • Puppy Application Form. This terrific Google Doc template goes above & beyond to ensure you ask the RIGHT questions to make a confident decision about every family.
  • Our Reservation List. This formatted Google Sheet resource will make managing your reservation list a breeze, and we provide you with all of the instruction and theory to make this a finely-tuned cornerstone of your breeding program.
  • IMMEDIATE Delivery upon registering! Find these assets under Resources for Module 2.

This Reservation Kit will give you the tools to implement your Reservation Process quickly & confidently.

Bonus #2

Twelve (12) Form Letters

($400 Value)

Not only do we teach you how to implement form letters in your breeding program, but we also provide you with twelve (12) outstanding, time-honed letters to build your portfolio from!

What You’ll Get:

  • 6 weeks of live Q&A sessions on Wednesdays to make sure you can get your burning questions answered and can move forward with total clarity and confidence.
  • Never write the same letter again! to get his pe

Bonus #3

Six (6) Attorney-Drawn Contracts

($1,800 Value)

As a significant value-add to Business Basic is this special bonus:

What You’ll Get:

  • Six (6) Attorney-Drawn Contracts. Most online breeder contracts are simple adaptations of generic boilerplate templates. Not ours.
  • Developed with Expert Breeders. Decades of breeder experience and insights are woven into our contracts to ensure they work effectively in a purebred conservation breeding program.
  • Customizable Format. Incorporate your own program elements, breed details, or legal counsel recommendations to make them perfectly fit your kennel.
  • Significant Cost Savings. Custom contracts are expensive. We include ours in Business Basics for FREE. 

Special Invitation:

Better Breeder Insights Group

(FREE Admission)

Finally, in addition to all of the other bonuses, Business Basics students will be invited to join our Private Better Breeder Insights Facebook Group!

What You’ll Get:

  • Access to some of the greatest breeder minds online. Ask any question that is on your mind. Learn from those who have.  
  • No dog breeding topic is out of bounds. Ask anything from Marketing to Contracts to Breeding Theory.
  • Make this your go-to resource to get your questions answered quickly and expertly.

Enroll in Better Breeder Business Basics Today

3 Monthly Payments



Affordable Monthly Payments!

Best Value!

One Time Payment


Save $74

When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of $3,350.

But, you may still have questions. Is this course right for you…?

Common questions dog breeders may ask before grabbing their access:

“I only have one litter per year. Do I really need Better Breeder Business Basics?”

Yes! Whether you have one litter per year or ten, you still stand to realize all of the benefits this class provides. We promise you that you won’t want to breed another litter or sell another puppy without the knowledge and resources provided in this course.

“I don’t know if I have the “legal & financial chops” to be successful in Business Basics.”

Business Basics was created so anyone can be successful, regardless of your knowledge or ability (or, inability!) All of the concepts and details are explained in plain language that is easy for anyone to understand and apply in their own breeding program.

“I don’t know if I have the time to commit to completing this course.”

Business Basics is designed to be completed on your schedule. If you choose, you can hammer it out in a day (but get some coffee!). However, if time is tight, you can do it at your own speed. The ideal schedule is to take one module each week, watch the video, and then apply the content in your own breeding program.

But, regardless of how quickly or slowly you complete the course, if you enroll before the cart closes, you have LIFETIME access to Business Basics for as long as the course exists. Access the course at any time to complete or to brush up on certain topics.

“I’m concerned about spending more money on my expensive hobby.”

While there is no shortage of places to spend money in dogs, this is one of the few things that has the opportunity to make your life better and allow you to recoup the large value that your time is worth. For a fraction of the price of ONE puppy, you can begin saving hundreds of hours in your life.

Further, it will help safeguard your bank account from the many financial pitfalls that are lurking for unprepared dog breeders!

Still ‘thinking about it’?

You should enroll in Better Breeder Business Basics if you’re motivated by any of the following:

  • You’ve made the comment, “I hate the business side of breeding dogs.”
  • You dread the amount of time it takes to communicate and educate new puppy buyers about your dogs, breeding program, and sales process.
  • You depend on last-minute advertising or referrals to sell your puppies.
  • You worry about the type of homes your puppies are going into.
  • You have wondered if your sales contracts were “good enough” and would protect you and your puppies.
  • The thought of an AKC inspection or IRS audit skyrockets your blood pressure.
  • You have done a breeding, lease, or co-ownership without a contract.

As a conservation dog breeder, you have worked hard for your dogs’ success and your breed’s advancement. If anyone deserves the benefit of a streamlined, strengthened & safeguarded breeding program, it is you. 

This is the best price Business Basics will ever be offered at.

This type of clear implementation program could sell for more than 5X the investment. When you consider it integrates the knowledge, theory, and strategy compiled by expert breeders, attorneys, and CPAs, it truly is revolutionary for this information to be openly shared with dog breeders. And – not just any dog breeders – but the esteemed preservation breeders of purebred and purposefully-bred dogs. This training will give you the knowledge to improve your breeding program, and further differentiate you from the backyard, for-profit, and commercial breeders in your area. This is the knowledge you deserve to have — and now can. 

This training will give you the knowledge to streamline, strengthen & safeguard your breeding program.

Conservation dog breeders are a special community. After all, who else has their combination of work ethic, perseverance, grit, and resiliency? 

The answer: NOBODY! 

You have what it takes to learn something new, gain knowledge, and apply it. After all, you have whelped litters all night, tube-fed struggling puppies, and watched your hopes and dreams evaporate before your eyes. However, you are also the one who has picked yourself back up and persevered onward. And why? It is for your dogs and your breed’s benefit. It’s time that true breeders are given the support and knowledge they deserve.

A Final, Personal Message from Matt Stelter…

If any of these motivating factors have you nodding your head, I borderline insist that you enroll in Better Breeder Business Basics today.

No matter what you decide, I care about your breeding program and success. I know the struggles and worries we all have as dedicated breeders striving for excellence in our chosen breed. However, I also know the peace of mind knowing you have addressed all the major areas of risk and liability, and have gained hours back into your week.

This program will have a significant impact on your breeding program – and I want to see you realize it for yourself. 

Matt Stelter on Bridge

“The success of your breeding program matters to me.  I cannot wait to guide you through the Better Breeder Business Basics.”

I hope you give me the opportunity to share the insights and strategies I’ve developed with seasoned professionals and applied to our breeding program. More than anything, I want to teach you how to transform your business practices into cornerstones of your breeding program. I want you to experience how it feels to onboard wonderful families to your Reservation List and begin to develop relationships with them BEFORE your puppies are born. People who will pay premium prices and will willingly wait until you have their puppy available for them – and will gladly pass on the lesser, local puppies that seem to always be available.

If you are a dedicated conservation breeder, you owe it to yourself to take this venture to see what your life could be like with streamlined business processes – and take real, tangible steps towards realizing that goal.

“If you’re seeking permission to invest in the growth of your breeding program and realize your vision of its future – give it to yourself.”

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that this course will be the start of a new chapter for your breeding program.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside the Better Breeder Institute. 

Take care,

Matt Stelter Signature - Black

3 Monthly Payments



Affordable Monthly Payments!

Best Value!

One Time Payment


Save $74!

Wyndlair Stelter Family

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